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What is poka yoke video

Poka-yoke roughly means "avoid unexpected surprises" or "avoid blunders" in Japanese.
Poka Yoke is any mechanism in a Lean manufacturing process that helps to avoid mistakes.
Poka Yoke may be implemented in any industry and have many benefits, most important of which are: Helps work right the first time In time makes it impossible for mistakes to occur Its not costly.Poka yoke is easy to implement because of its universal and rational nature.To prevent the driver from accidently locking himself out, some cars also have a control poka-yoke that prevents the vehicle door from locking when the key is still in the ignition in the off position.Toyota Global website, actually, the initial term was baka-yoke, meaning fool-proofing, but was later changed because of the terms dishonorable and offensive connotation.Operations error: Carrying out an operation incorrectly; having the incorrect version of the specification.The value of using Poka Yokes is that they help people and processes work right the first time, which makes mistakes impossible to happen.Motion-step methods typically rely on sensors and devices to detect that the appropriate actions have occurred.Poka Yoke means mistake-proofing or more literally avoiding (yokeru) inadvertent errors (poka).Fixed-value methods are used when a process must be done a certain number of times or when a certain number of parts are associated with the completion of a task, for example, bolts that need tightening a certain number of times or the parts required.
Automobiles often have a number of poka-yokes to help drivers avoid making mistakes.
This way, over time, the drivers behavior is adjusted to the requirements by repetition and habit.Zero Quality Control a combination of Poka Yoke techniques to correct possible defects and source inspection to prevent defects.Train the operator, review performance and measure success.This can be physical, as in a pin that must be placed correctly, or energetic, wherein photoelectric beams sense something ma provence premium bingo is not positioned correctly.Six Sigma 2 yl önce, iPCC Strategic Management.An example would be an indicator light that is turned on if a step in a machine cycle is not done in the proper sequence or timeframe. .You can follow this step by step process to apply it: Identify the operation or process.Copyright TRvid Online video.

Setup error: Using the wrong tooling or setting machine adjustments incorrectly.
One of the most valuable takeaways is Poka Yoke.