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Pok a tok ball game

pok a tok ball game

There were two teams - the comment gagner de l number of players depended on the region where the game was sorell lotto hub played.
Ek Balam s, pok -A-, tok team is composed of individuals as young as 13, and they have even participated in an international exhibit tournament (which they won).
Vu4uNfzbemxw By Bryan Hilliard.
The ball game, which was a common activity of all Mesoamerican peoples and originated about 3,000.C., had a ritualistic fun nction for the ancient Maya.Tikal (in modern day Guatemala) is 16 meters by 5 meters and smaller than a tennis court. .Stone hoop at Chichen Itzá ( Wikimedia Commons ) The large rubber ball used could weigh up to three to eight pounds and had a diameter around 25 to 37 centimeters (10 to 12 inches). .From ancient times until the Spanish conquest in the 16 th century, the sport was not just a game but a major part of Mesoamerican culture played by the Olmec, Mayan and Aztec civilizations.In illustrations from Precolumbian books such as the Codex Borgia and on carved stone friezes decorating the walls of ballcourts at the sites of Chichen Itza and El Tajin, the decapitation of one team captain by the other, or by a priest, is clearly depicted. .These yokes or yugos were used to hit and pass the ball and were elaborately decorated.They found that among the Aztec there was a strong connection between the ball game and beheadings. .When the high-speed movement of a heavy flying ball hit a player, it could cause internal bleeding to unprotected body zones and sometimes death.The needs and style varied over time but most commonly, headdresses or helmets were worn to protected the head, quilted cotton pads covered the elbows and knees and stone belts known as yokes were worn around the waist or chest. .The Mesoamerican Ball Game.Due to these dangers, players eventually began wearing equipment. .
Two teams of three face each other and instead of their hips, players hit the ball with their forearms, which are protected by padding. .
"The Mesoamerican Ball Game." Everything2.
The losing team was usually sacrificed.Still there is a big difference, in tlachtli you can use every body part but your hands.Cancun, Mexico, has a ball game court.Later on, the Maya added two stone hoops or rings in the center of the court on either side. .Pok a, tok, to the Aztec it was Tlachtli. .When a player did manage to get a ball through a ring, that usually ended the game. .A fast-paced, often brutal game tied in with religious ritual, contestants often lost their lives and human sacrifices were regular occurrences.By comparison, the Ceremonial Court.The game was viewed as a battle between the sun against the moon and stars representing the principle of lightness and darkness. .

They could use their forearms and thighs to pass and hit the ball.