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Number of slots in induction motor

This paper constitutes a study of the impact of the rotor slot selection on the electromagnetic characteristics of the 4-pole, 3-phase, and aluminum cage induction motor, with the use of FEM.
Spatial Distribution of the Magnetic Flux Density In order to gain insight of the numerical results presented in Sections.1 and.2, the magnetic flux density amplitude has been charted for all models and the results are tina ferrroni loto winner presented in Figure.
Karatheodori 2010 of the Research Committee of the University of Patras, Greece.
Such applications are the propulsion motor, the thrusters, and other various drives, such as pumps comment avoir plein d'argent sims 4 and hoists.For the appropriate meshing of the models, the skin and proximity effects are taken into consideration.One may observe that the magnetic flux lines do not penetrate deep into the rotor core, as a consequence of the increased leakage flux.Copyright 2013 Konstantinos.Table 2: The THD for every studied case.The used motor is a 3-phase, 4-pole, 4 kW, and 400 V aluminum cast-cage induction motor.Then, with the aid of FEM, the results from six simulated induction motors with different rotor slot numbers will be shown and discussed.The impact of the rotor slot number selection on the induction motors is investigated.In this system, the induction motor is used in several applications.In this way, the motors have equal rotor resistance and at the same time equal equivalent air gap.
The first one is by Dabrowski 11 and Voldek 12 and the second by Heller and Hamata 13 and Weber.
The created rotors are presented in Figure.
It is known that the application of electric machines in an electric ship should meet special requirements.In order to have a better overview of the higher harmonic content, in every case the (total harmonic distortion) THD was calculated as an amplitude ratio.The stator is identical in all motors.Furthermore, the motor with 41 rotor slots has an acceptable behavior, since its characteristics are literally an average as compared to the others.Firstly, the stator of all simulated motors should be exactly the same.Furthermore, the analytical solution triche casino lacanau leads to the result that the space harmonic rank of the air gap magnetic flux density, because of saturation, is always an odd number, as expected.Moreover, the motor with 24 rotor slots seems to be more saturated and especially at the tooth tips.

The mesh for the motor with 28 rotor slots is presented in Figure.
Stator and rotor slot numbers, respectively : Stator and rotor MMF, respectively Stator and rotor MMF amplitude, respectively.
The motor with 41 rotor slots is obviously a motor with odd rotor slot number.