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Nit poker reddit

nit poker reddit

A poker nit is a jouer au loto flash en ligne player who only bets and raises with the very best possible hands that they could have.
Good players will be able to giochi di casino fold out worse hands with ease if they see you lobstermania 2 slots free online a nit bet multiple streets in a row.
Posted by, does HUD on fastforward Party Poker still work?TAGs will incorporate various polarised or merged post-flop betting strategies into their game, instead of only betting top value hands.Always keep an eye for who might be a poker nit at your table and be sure not to fall into the trap of being one yourself.After the first community cards arrive, poker nits will often play overly straightforward, using fit or fold strategies (that is to say, folding their junky hands and only continuing with decent strong made hands or draws).Moderators u/myimportantthoughts, has stacked Will Kassouf u/Touch_Of_Red u/IrEgption weee u/AutoModerator u/NoFriction, view All Moderators, cookies help us deliver our Services.Additionally, theres an adage in poker: Youve got to give action to get action.To exploit this, opponents can usually over-bluff the flop for small amounts and then abandon many of these bluffs on the turn/river if the nitty player calls.Even tight players who are also capable of bluffing in spots will get action.TAGs will usually also expand their value betting range to include more hands than nits will.
The biggest reason you should avoid being a nit when playing poker comes down to how predictable your play becomes.This fact means that if you have a very strong hand, you should generally just bet-bet-bet to get value from worse made hands that the poker nit might have.Player Types and The Rake, it should be noted that the higher the rake there is involved in cash games, the tighter you should generally play.Why You Should Avoid Being a NIT.Subsequently, they win small pots theyre entitled to win when the flop well, and dont hold a strong aggression factor in other hands to push them into the green as they move up stakes.Poker Tips: How to Deal With Nitty Players.Conversely, when the rake is lower, or time-rake, a LAG approach might become more acceptable, as fighting to win many small pots will have meaning to your bottom line too.