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Si vous utilisez Internet Explorer 8 ou une version précédente, vous devrez utiliser un autre navigateur comme Firefox ou Chrome ou mettre à jour votre navigateur (IE9 ou une version plus récente).Dans le menu pop-up décochez toutes les trois cases et cliquez sur «Fermer».Sélectionnez..
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See the Latest News, the very first Sun Fast World Cup was a magnificent success!This challenge took place in very good conditions in La Trinite-sur-Mer on April 6th and 7th.Jeanneau and its boats 4 Apr, launch of the 1st #SunFastWorldCup!Sailboat Specifications both imperial metric..
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Navy) Recruit designation in Navy Boot Camp, pronounced Are-Pock, for Recruit Chief Petty Officer.
Jocular when used by graduates, pejorative when used by outsiders.
Due to the electronic ID verification system in Ireland, we advise all players to submit ID documents as soon as they register.
Over The Hill (U.S.) MIA or awol(qv) pcod (U.S.Also refers to the Battalion Motor Officer in a mechanized unit boat.Doolie A fourth-class cadet (freshman) loto puerto rico como jugar at the United States Air Force Academy (also called "smack.Used in the early 1990's by Soldiers deployed there.The variants "Big Fucking Empty "BFN" or "Bum Fuck Nowhere" are used in the same sense.Army) a rear-detachment unit, Usually full of Soldiers who are unable to deploy due to medical or legal issues.So often referred to in cadences used during exercises that the cadences themselves have become known as Jodies or Jody calls."Good job on that exercise troops!Air Force) F-15 Maintainer, crew chief Eagle Rider (U.S.
Coast Guard) The United States Coast Guard Academy at New London.
Shipwreck tech Mildly derogative term for the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis.
Considered by some as a racist remark, and has thus.Air Force Academy, so called because of the metal's use in the architecture of the campus.or "Look at that Uniform there, is he blind?!" Un-ass (U.S.Marine Corps term Thrashed Smokey Bear (U.S.) General term for a Drill Instructors' (Marine Corps Drill Sergeants' (Army Military Training Instructors' (Air Force) or Company Commanders' (U.S.Charlie (U.S.) nato phonetic alphabet for the letter.Bumf (U.K.) Paperwork, especially useless paperwork; comes from bum fodder (i.e., only fit to be used as toilet paper ).Ain't no use in goin' home, Jodie's got your girl alone.See also 'Suck Thumb'.Green is used to indicate "Army issue" and not necessarily the actual color in this case.As in "He cheesedicked his way through." chem light batteries (U.S.

Example: "Private, you think that's funny?!