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Machine a sous vide professionnel 1600

Cook for one or for a whole crew.
Currently you can actually speak without exaggeration of a hype in casino machine a sous annecy the professional kitchen and private sector.Accurate Time and Temperature Control - Large LCD control display, hyper-exact temperature control -0.1 digital control of temperature(5-100 41F-212F) and time control to minutes.Easy to operate and done within seconds.The cooker sits in a bath of hot water and never comes into direct contact with the food, so cleanup is a breeze (Do not clean the control panel and display in water).Whats better than serving up a beautiful meal, rich with flavor and done to perfection?With Vesta sous vide cookers, appliances casino esbly adresse and accessories, it takes the work out of mealtime, so you can spend more time with your family.
Specification : Brand, augienb, model, sVJ-1000 Sous Vide Cooker, wette Materials.
The whole thing sounds very simple: put the product in a vacuum bag, and then cook it in a LaVide bath at low temperature to the point.Prepare a variety of dishes, tasty apps or main dishes.Home chefs, the Vesta home kitchen sous vide cookers and appliances provide set-and-go cooking, so busy families can be out and about and still enjoy a home-cooked meal.Description : augienb SVJ-1000 Sous Vide Cooker Thermal Immersion Circulator Machine 800W.Remains food's nutrient, keeps vitamins levels of food at 90 after cooking.Tools for a New Lifestyle - augienb Sous Vide Cooker brings professional restaurant cooking technology to home, which cooked any type of meatbeef, pork, lamb, or poultry, especially well with fish and seafood, any vegetable, eggs, many fruits and desserts.Sous-Vide or thermalization and vacuum cooking called - but why and what's behind?However this method has been developed at the beginning of the 70s.Meat - tender than ever, and cooked exactly to the point.Put your food and ingredients in sous vide sealed bag and clip it to the side of the pot or container.Fruits - intensified flavor without additives, desserts - impeccable taste with perfect consistency.Fish - perfect glassy consistency with maximum flavor.Vegetables - evenly cooked tender but not too soft.Power 800W, 50/60Hz, temperature Range 5 - 100(41F - 212F temperature Accurate,.The magic word Sous-Vide, which translated from French means something like "under vacuum" represents a completely new type of food preparation.

Attach your cooker to a pot or container, add water to in between the Min and Max lines, and set the time and temperature according to your desired level of doneness.
Keep it simple or go gourmet.