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Upscale fine dining meets traditional steakhouse at this Windsor legend which opened in 2007.The "Big Daddy Platter" is a veritable feast with deep fried pickles, chicken wings, potatoes/cheddar perogies, spicy popcorn shrimp, beef sliders, chicken flautas, and nachos chips with taco cheese dip..
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Money, clothes hotel casino carnaval encarnacion telefono etc given to a very poor person or a beggar.
Hands off those chocolates!On the other hand por una parte.To hand sb over to the police livrer qn à la police vi to hand over to sb (gen) passer le relais à qn; (on TV, radio) passer l'antenne à qn see also handover hand round hand around vt sep food, drinks faire passer hand.To hand I dont have the letter to hand ich habe den Brief gerade nicht zur Hand ; your letter has come to hand (Comm) wir haben Ihren Brief erhalten ; he seized the first weapon to hand er ergriff die erstbeste Waffe ;.( phrases with verb ) to ask for sb's hand (in marriage) pedir la mano de algn to change hands cambiar de mano or de dueño just wait till I get my hands on him!Today we will practise handwriting.I handed him the book; He handed it loto foot 7 comment ça marche back to me; I'll go up the ladder, and you can hand the tools up.
To get or gain the upper hand empezar a dominar to have the upper hand tener or llevar la ventaja.
On hand according to the information on hand gemäß or laut der vorhandenen or vorliegenden Informationen ; we have little information on hand wir haben kaum Informationen pl (zur Verfügung)?VT ( pass ) to hand sb sth; hand sth to sb pasar algo a algn he handed me the book me pasó el libro you've got to hand it to him hay que reconocérselo.Matters are in hand On a les choses bien en main.The boy and girl were walking along hand in hand; Poverty and crime go hand in hand.Hande in die lug!, hensop!!