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Having a good hand in poker

Texas Hold'em game, you're usually in excellent shape, although position and the action in front of you can still have a big effect.
Do some searching on the web for articles on how your hand selection should vary with position, and learn how to poki ro mahjong mix it up a little at a time.Every hand has a certain amount of equity against other poker hands (which is just a fancy way of saying what chance they have mathematically to beat another so when we are deciding what hands we want to play we should be trying to maximise.Situation B: You are playing on online cash game with 100 with blinds.50/1 and a very tight player raises under the gun (UTG) and you have King Queen off suit in middle position with unknown players in the blinds.Isnt that kind of knowledge only for those young whizz kids?Based on your description of your opponents' reaction to your bet, it sounds like you might be playing in a nitty way where you are waiting for premium starting hands.Giving ourselves the highest percentage chance to win that hand on average.I stress that you should do it a little at a time, because it's easy to get lost when you try to play a lot more hands without the skills to back.
It could well be that you played your hand just fine and nobody else happened to have a hand with which to challenge your opening raise.
What is equity in poker hands?You can take advantage of this reputation by open raising with a wider range of hands, particularly in later position.And how long had you been playing at this game, allowing your opponents to develop an impression of your play?Whenever you have folded A7 off-suit to a raise because This hand always gets you into trouble or calling a late position raise with JT suited because This guy is so loose and my hand flops very well, you are already doing what Ive said.What are your definitions of "conservatively" and "good hand" and "couple of chips"?

Exactly how best to do this isn't so clear, since it depends on so many different factors: opponent tendencies, stack sizes, your absolute position, your position relative to other key players in the hand, etc.
The below situations use some poker jargon.