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Eurocircuits slot

eurocircuits slot

Overview, the purpose of Soldermask is to provide a protective coating on the PCB against contamination, oxidisation, humidity, mechanical damage and electrical shorts.
B) Photo Imageable Soldermask Colours available White or Transparent.
The application of Soldermask requires certain criteria to ensure that it has good adhesion, quality and reliability and the PCB layout has a major influence in this.
TP (Track to Pad) the isolation between adjacent copper pads and tracks/plans.Important : If you require board edge areas of your PCB to be free of soldermask, use a wide line to indicate the board outline.Larger Mask Overlap Clearance (MOC) required.Larger Mask SegMent (MSM) or Web.Copper Layer, green is the Soldermask Opening Layer Overlay.MAR (Mask Annular Ring) the clearance between the Soldermask and the copper pad.The table below shows the minimum Design Rule values electronic roulette price to achieve the minimum LDI Soldermask values.The table below contains the minimum values for PI Soldermask.
Allow sufficient isolation between tracks/plans and copper pads to ensure they are fully covered by Soldermask.
MOC, green.030mm.070mm.060mm, black.030mm.070mm.060mm, red.030mm.070mm.060mm, blue.030mm.070mm.060mm * Soldermask opening shave.005mm Maximum.
TT (Track to Track) the isolation between adjacent copper tracks/plans.As the Soldermask opening is usually larger than the copper pads it is advisable to consider the following informatique groupe casino points during the layout of the PCB.Soldermask Rules, what we use: The values below are the minimum required to achieve a good and reliable Soldermask application, these are based on our production parameters and the Soldermask specification.The center of the line should be exactly on the actual board outline (we will remove the line from the final production data).The table below shows the minimum Design Rule values to achieve the minimum PI Soldermask values.Advantages Able to expose White or Transparent Soldermask Disadvantages Reduced Registration Accuracy.LDI, soldermask, colour, minimum, mAR, mSM.Completely covered (Tented) Via Holes can only be guaranteed if Via Filling is used (See section ViaFilling here below).A) DI Soldermask, colours available Green, Black, Red and Blue.Smaller Mask Annular Ring (MAR).Soldermask segments less than he minimum MSM value will be removed, example casino dans l'aisne below.Board Outline Always include the board outline in your Soldermask data, this best done using a small line.g.Npth without a copper pad will requires a Mask Annular Ring (MAR).125mm.

Original CAD Date MSM less than Minimum Value.
Tented Via Holes Where the copper pad of the Via Hole is to be covered with Soldermask, it does not mean that the hole will be completely covered or closed by Soldermask.