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C64 poke peek

For the album, see, peek Poke (White Town album).
An example of the generic usage of poke and peek is in Visual Basic for Windows, where DDE can be achieved with the LinkPoke keyword.H int main(void) printf d peekb(0, 0x0100 return 0;).In the old days.Such modifications were performed using poke statements.In Erlekampf, Rainer; Mönk, Hans-Joachim (eds.).Using a 'poke' cheat is more difficult in modern games, as many include anti-cheat or copy-protection measures that inhibit modification of the game's memory space.The peek and poke commands were conceived in early personal computing systems to serve a variety of purposes, especially for modifying special memory-mapped hardware registers to control particular functions of the computer such as the input/output peripherals.Peek and, pOKE commands are generally seen as antiquated.Dave and Laura Yearke, "Turbo basic Command Set", Western New York Atari Users Group Kühnel, Claus (1987) 1986.Also, some 8-bit machines had basic dialects with 16-bit peek and poke, such as the East-German "Kleincomputer" KC85/1 (aka Z9001) and KC87, manufactured by VEB robotron - Meßelektronik "Otto Schön", which tournoi poker casino annecy implemented deek and doke.Citation needed There were also basic dialects that used the reserved words memw and memr instead.
The end of the string is marked with the Carriage return character ( 0D in ascii when read slot per memoria sodimm back, this terminating character is not returned.
Magazines such as Your Sinclair published lists of such pokes for games.
I'm using the word "byte" precisely.16-bit peeks and pokes edit As most early home computers running basic used eight-bit processors, single peek or poke values were between 0 and 255.Pokes as cheats edit In the context of games for many 8-bit computers, users could load games into memory and, before launching them, modify specific memory addresses in order to cheat, getting an unlimited number of lives, immunity, invisibility, etc.Contents, statement syntax edit, the peek function and poke commands are usually invoked as follows, either in direct mode (entered and executed at the basic prompt ) or in indirect mode (as part of a program integer_variable peek(address pOKE address, value The address and value.Berlin: Militärverlag der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik de, Leipzig.In computing, peek and poke are commands used in some high-level programming languages for accessing the contents of a specific memory cell referenced by its memory address.Google link, peek Poker is a c# application that enables users to perform a real time memory editing.known as query in BBC basic, for both operations, as a function and command.Maybe not best way to do it, but, bear with me, we'll come to that?

These commands are comparable in their roles to pointers in the, c language and some other programming languages.
4 Peek and Poke in other basics edit North Star Computers, a vendor from the early 1980s, offered their own dialect of basic with their nsdos operating system.
Memory cells and hardware registers edit The address locations that are poked or peeked at may refer either to ordinary memory cells or to memory-mapped hardware registers of I/O units or support chips such as sound chips and video graphics chips, or even to memory-mapped.