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Buy a pig in a poke idiom sentence

If you don't get a good look at the engine of a used car before you buy it, you'll wind up buying a pig in lotto 2 juin 2018 belgique a poke.
Example of use: Be careful about buying that old car.
Example Sentences, if you buy a used car without examining it thoroughly first, you might end up buying a pig in a poke.
Interesting fact, the origin of the expression pig in a poke comes from the 1500s, when a poke was a sack, and merchants would sell piglets in pokes, often sight unseen.Jan 22, 2013, you use the phrase Pig in a Poke to indicate that an offering or deal has been foolishly accepted without prior examination.Polish pig rzeczownik, polish to pig czasownik, polish in przyimek, polish.Written citations of the phrase have roulette fauteuil bureau leroy merlin been found since the mid 1500s.Pozostałe hasła, english, dalsze tłumaczenia oferuje polsko-rosyjski słownik.I just took the salesman's word that this camera worked.To buy something without looking inside first.Instead of trusting your agent and ending up buying a pig in a poke, why dont you go and have a look at it first?Polish poke rzeczownik, polish to poke czasownik, polish, więcej.A poke is a sack or a bag.
It might turn out to be a pig in a poke.The advice being given is dont buy anything until you have seen.A "poke" is a bag.Buy a pig in a poke.I dont want to end up having got a pig in a poke.The package I bought turned out to a pig in a poke.Pig in a poke, meaning something that is bought without examining properly an offer or deal that is accepted without properly evaluating it first buying something without looking.See also: buy, pig, poke buy a pig in a poke.See also: buy, pig, poke, link to this page: a href"m/buyapiginapoke" buy a pig in a poke /a.To buy something without inspecting it thoroughly, often with negative consequences.Purchasing a home without inspecting it first is like buying a pig in a poke.Tłumaczenia i przykłady to buy a pig in a poke kupić kota w worku, podobne zynga poker league tiers tłumaczenia, podobne polskie tłumaczenia dla słowa "to buy a pig in a poke" buy rzeczownik, polish to buy czasownik, polish a przedimek/rodzajnik.Though online shopping has gained huge popularity, it can sometimes be something of a pig in a poke, as you cannot see what really you are buying.

Origin, the phrase is quite an ancient one and has been used in the literal sense.
I guess I bought a pig in a poke.