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Official subreddit for all things poker.Caesars Windsor is the best overall hotel and gaming resort and is a big reason why people visit Ontario.A user registered for wait list from PokerAtlas at 500 Club, orenzo lotto lucrèce 1533 londres the national gallery may 12..
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L'Allumeur Homicide Call Anglais américain André Maury 1963 N/B 1 784 Prather, Richard.Bl M : couverture mate, teinte bleue (2001-2003) ; du numéro 2621 au numéro 2687.La Monnaie de ta pièce You Can't Live For Ever Anglais américain.À nos amours Bodies Are Dust Anglais..
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1 N 2 Villarreal 6 Dinamo Zagreb 1 N 2 Benfica Lisbon 7 ancfort 1 N 2 Inter Milan 8 Chelsea 1 N 2 Dynamo Kiev 9 Brest 1 N 2 Valenciennes 10 Clermont 1 N 2 Grenoble 11 Paris FC 1 N 2..
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No es para beber!
To be mean with sth ( ungenerous ) être radin (e) avec qch Don't be mean with the tip, he's so nice Ne sois pas radin avec le pourboire, il est si gentil.
Does he really mean it when he says he's sorry?
Becoming a millionaire didn't mean an end to his money worries Devenir un millionnaire ne voulait pas dire la fin de ses problèmes d'argent.He didn't mean to do it non intendeva or non era sua intenzione farlo do you mean me?Cosa intendi fare?, cosa pensi di fare?( stingy ) tacaño, agarrado, amarrete (Andes,.He mean s well/no harm er meint es gut / nicht böse ; to mean well by somebody es gut mit jdm meinen; to mean somebody no harm es gut mit jdm meinen, jdm nichts Böses wollen; (physically) jdm nichts tun ; (in past tense).( untalented ) He's no mean pianist Ce n'est pas un pianoteur., Ce n'est pas un petit pianiste.Mean min adj ( stingy ) avare, radin (e) He's too mean to buy Christmas presents Il est trop avare pour acheter des cadeaux de Noël., Il est trop radin pour acheter des cadeaux de Noël.That's a really mean thing to say!I have been meaning to write this letter for some time now Je voulais t'écrire cette lettre depuis un petit moment déjà.Qué quieres decir con eso?What is the meaning of this phrase?; What is the meaning of his behaviour?
To mean sth by sth What do you think he means by that?
N ( average ) moyenne f mean 1 adj (er) meteoblue baccarat (esp Brit: miserly) geizig, knauserig ; dont be mean!
) dici a me?( good ) méchamment bon (bonne) He cooks a mean salmon Il fait un saumon méchamment bon.To (intend to) express, show or indicate.Tu penses vraiment ce que tu dis?, tu es sérieux /euse?What do you mean by that?That's not what I meant Ce n'est pas ce que je voulais dire.Speaker, writer vouloir dire What do you mean?N ( middle term ) término m medio ; ( average ) promedio m ( Math ) media f the golden or happy mean el justo medio.