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Kapok tree

Guineensis ) tae tropical wast.
It is used as a stuffing, especially for life preservers, bedding, and upholstery, and for insulation against sound and heat.
Also called: silk cotton, c18: from Malay kapok (ke pk).Ceiba pentandra, the kapok (or silk-cotton) tree, cultivated in Java, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and other parts of East Asia and in Africa, where it was introduced loto samedi 25 juillet 2018 from its native tropical America.The floss has been important in commerce since the 1890s; the chief source.Link to this page.Kapok (kepk) n (Plants) a silky fibre obtained from the hairs covering the seeds of a tropical bombacaceous tree, Ceiba pentandra ( kapok tree or silk-cotton tree used for stuffing pillows, etc, and for sound insulation.The lustrous, yellowish floss is light, fluffy, resilient, and resistant to water and decay.Click the link for more information.Also found in: Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.The silky down that invests the seeds of a tropical silk-cotton tree (kapok tree Ceiba pentandra: used for stuffing pillows, life jackets, etc., and for acoustical insulation.
CS1 maint: Multiple names: authors leet ( link ).0.1 Kapok seed oil From the German Transport Information Service Hellmuth, Nicholas (2011).
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The leaves are compoond o 5 tae 9 leaflets, each up tae 20 cm (8 in) an palm lik.The residual cake is valuable as a fertilizer and as livestock fodder.Also known as ceiba; Java cotton; silk cotton.It is difficult tae spin but is uised as an alternative tae doun as fillin in mattresses, pillows, upholstery, zafus, an stuffed toys sic as teddy bears, an for insulation.It appears on the latter's coat o airms an banner.The pods contain seeds surroondit bi a fluffy, yellaeish feebre that is a mix o lignin an cellulose.Unkent parameter month ignored ( help ) Philpott, Don (2003).A silky fiber obtained from the pods of the kapok tree, used for insulation and as padding in pillows, mattresses, and life preservers.2 It haes seemilar characteristics tae cottonseed ile.